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Amazing Ang ku kueh. Love their peanut and hazelnut flavour the best. Patient and accommodating with my complicated orders. Hugely recommended.

2 years ago

Wang Hao Lee

Tried the Ang Ku Kueh and it is soft and fresh The skin was delicate, filling was not over sweet/ I don't really eat Ang Ku Kueh but I definitely will order from Ang Ku Kueh Hut!

2 years ago

Pei Jansen

I love the akk from this shop! The filling is generous and not too sweet! It is suitable from youngster to elderly. My favorite will be the peanut filling and the green bean one. Yam filling is exotic too.

2 years ago

Chiewhwee Lim

Best AKK I've ever had hands down. I've never been so enamoured by AKK in my life and I've eaten it for years. The aroma of pandan is so pleasantly fragrant, while the texture of the skin is so light and delicate.

2 years ago

Hilary Ho

Rare find of Pistachio! It was love at first bite. The skin thickness is just right, fragrant and the fillings are generous! Simply a notch above the conventional ones.

2 years ago

Hwee Lin Cheng